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Advanced Art Courses


Explore Our Art Classes for Kids for the age group of 10-16.

Advanced art courses are meant for students who are above 10 years and who have finished our beginner’s course at least 6 months.

This process is packed with advanced training on each medium very carefully.

This is also a certified program, students go through vigours training, and we also examine the end of the program and the eligible student will get the certifications.

Indulge in to the world of creativity. 

Junior Pencil And Chai’s classes are designed to build a strong foundation in art. 

As the technology made us pop-up expressive community, as we never pay attention nor appreciate the abundance of creation.  

Junior Pencil And Chai’s classes are focused, inspirational, fun and inspire the artist within. 

Pencil Sketching

We start the advanced training from Pencil Sketching, as sketching is the foundation for all mediums or Visual Arts.
Linear sketching, light & shadow, perspective, composition are just a few techniques and others to follow step by step.


Another monochrome but expressive medium, with the base of pencils we will gr through charcoal sketching.
The blending and creating the depth in your artwork, handing the medium will be the focus.
On the other hand, it will be the extension of Pencil Sketching training.

Color Pencils

Introduction to the colors, this deep training with the help of the earlier sessions can rigid the sense of color in juniors. Here we learn, Colour Theory, blending, the composition of colors, and many more techniques.

Oil Pastels

The entire program we have different sizes of canvases, and we work on bigger size canvases for Oil pastels.
The vibrancy and creating the patient depth with the help of the color knowledge will lead the student to create amazing artworks.

"Art, an expression of our creative energy." Now we offer online classes too.

The duration of the advanced training course will be 12 months. And the eligibility to join this program will be

The student has to be above 11 years

We suggest joining our 6 months beginners training before getting in to advance d training
If not he/she has been practicing or going through their training elsewhere, in such case you have to submit the student’s portfolio or the at least 15 art recent artworks done by the applicant.

Other conditions can get the admission directly to the advanced courses

1) If you were not going through the training, but my age group is 13+
2) I’m ready to showcase my skill set in my 1 -month warm-up sessions, before officially getting the admissions to advanced courses   

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Painting will take another milestone step in juniors art knowledge and skill development. Though it is referred to as the toughest medium to learn our simplest academic process will help students to learn watercolor painting professionally.

Soft Pastels

Soft pastels required unique attention while detailing. Our professional hands will help the students get the finest artworks on the chart to special papers. The harmony of the colors does create variation and expertise using the colors.

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting the art of opaque colors and vibrancy, starting from handling the colors to use the different tools such as the knife, canvas, and brush will be trained here.

Craft Sessions

Though it is advanced training we also included craft sessions for this program. It will open other dimensions of creativity.

Advanced Training

We train at least 2 months for each module so that each student can excel in all mediums.

Fine Tuning Your Skills

Not just introduction to the techniques but we will go through the fine details of each medium.

Certification from No: 1 Art School

10 years of excellence in art education, our serious faculties will examine student's final papers, and bases on the marking system the certifications will be designated.

Fee Structure & Schedules

  • Sat & Sun : 11:30 AM -1:00 PM IST
  • Tue & Thu : 5-6:30 PM IST (Currently only weekend batch is available)
  • Tue & Thu | Wed & Fri
  • 4 5-6 PM
  • Sat & Sun
  • 9-10 AM, 10-11 AM, 4-5 PM & 5-6 PM

Wednesdays 6-7 PM, only for classroom batch. 

  • Consumable security deposit ₹2500 have to pay while joining, which you can consume as last month fee.
  • A 30 days discontinuation notice is required to avail this option

Craft classes will be conducted as last week of all the months. 

There is no extra fees need to pay for this classes but materials you need to take care your own.

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