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Diploma in Fine Arts

Namaskaram Seekers!

Introducing a powerful course for the 10-15 years to go an extra mile.

A serious approach to your art exploration. A structured syllabus, assignments submissions, exams, and certification is an outcome for your hardworking. 

Two levels! There is much to learn and explore.


Junior Pencil And Chai’s certified programs are designed to build a strong foundation in art. 

Level 1: A 12-month long training with the most relevant medium which is required to build a strong foundation in art.

 Level 2: Another 12-month long training with much-fine-tuned art and working on presentation skills.

Diploma in Fine Arts will be honored only those completing two levels along with fulfilled course guidelines.

If you are completing one level then it will be considered Certification in Art Foundation.

Students can not take up Level 2 without completing Level 1.

Level 1: The significant step.

Two levels! There are much to learn and explore.


Junior Pencil And Chai’s certified programs are designed to build a strong foundation in art. 

Level 1: A 12 month long training with the most relevent medium which is required for a strong foundation in art. 

Level 2: Another 12 month long training with much fine tuned art and working on preseation skills.  

Curriculum - Level 1

Elaborated and in-depth lessons.


A different journey to elope from the shortcuts. Technically there are no shortcuts, regular practice plays the major role.


Color Pencils
Oil Pastels

Apart from classworks, 6 Finished artworks should be submitted in monthly basis. 

#Size : a3


We conduct review tests after each 8 classes.

Final exams will be conducted after the term. 


The pass-out eligibility will be calculated in certain assignment submissions, attendance, final exams.

Curriculum - Level 2

More perspectives, more details.


Fine-tuning, presentation skill development, and introduction to various diversification in art.

Fee Structure & Schedules

New batch from August 20th Onwards.

Weekend batch, 5:30-6:30 PM

  • Sat & Sun : 4-5 PM ( New Batch from 2023)
  • 7-8 PM WED & FRI BY MID OF 2022 (You can enroll to waiting list)

Each class will be 1hr duration.
Total duration per year would be: 96 Hours / 96 Classes
We will be having 8 classes per month and any excess week will be holidays (e.g. 5th-week occurrence).

If a student has submission pending of a month’s assignments:-

1) Then, he would be denied continuing with the next sessions/classes.
2) Hence the admission can be canceled.

Compensation classes are not available for this program and 3 consecutive absents can lead to termination from the program.

*Institutions holidays will be compensated

The total course fee can be remitted as 2 split payments.

  • Installment 1: 6 months fees can be remitted while taking admissions.
  • Installment 2: by 5th month before 6th-month classes commenced.

The course fee for NRI/Overseas  Students will be ₹30000 per module.

Split payments are not availed for NRI/Overseas students.

Certification will be issued for whoever completes the course successfully.

92% of attendance
100% of assignments submissions
Completion of exams

*Eligibility to attend the exams
92% of attendance
100% of assignments submissions

 Currently we are allowing only 10 students in a batch

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