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Learn & have fun along the way!

Art is one of the Solution to enhance conscious skills.

Junior Pencil And Chai, the best art school for kids initiates an urge to think the art way.

The story telling method

We don’t teach just art. We sing you the story around it. Art should not be injected but inspired.

Nature Friendly​

More love to nature! Eco-friendly classrooms, and study materials. Pencil & Chai Junior tries to connect with nature, naturally!

Intro to mediums

We aim to get hands-on to mediums where kids can have absolute exploring of the creative world.

Creative Fun

Did you have fun making it? Always enjoy what you do. Besides, art helps mature imaginative skills

Fair Fees

We deliver structured & quality art education with minimal fees, making fine arts education affordable for everyone!

Artful Sketches​

Let’s shape from scratch. Kids feel good creating stuff. The fact that it is always rewarding, can be game-changing.

We are a team of fine artists striving to impart knowledge from the roots. Together, we nurture creativity and give wings to the little minds.

Learn from fine art experts who are passionate.


Art Classes for 5-16 Age Group

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