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Children must have a hands on experience in craft. As it helps them to nourish and furnish their skills. Find out more about its benefits.



Children must have hands on experience in craft but in most of the schools art and craft is taken for granted.

When you will let children get involved in arts and would let them have hands on experience in craft then you would be investing in building the child’s cognitive, physical and social development.

When a child performs craft activities, it helps them instil a sense of achievement, their self-confidence is boosted and even instil pride in children.

And when a child faces and solves artistic challenges, then it would help them make correct and effective decisions.

And it would also help them explore and express their emotions when they would get a hands on experience in craft. Healthy self-esteem and courage is also developed within the child.

Craft also helps in developing visual aesthetics appreciation and it also acts as building blocks for various development of the children. An all-round development is also facilitated when children have hands on experience in craft.

And craft also provides the opportunity of language development as a child has to pick up new words and their vocabulary is expanded.

Benefits of hands on experience in craft:

Physical benefits:

  • Development of fine motor skills: Fine motor skills are developed in arts and crafts activities as it majorly consists of the movement of fingers and hands.

Muscles are strengthened and its control is improved by just a few simple actions like colouring with pencils and holding a paintbrush.

  • Enhances dexterity: Children’s dexterity and agility is improved and enhanced by arts and crafts activities.

And when fine motor skills are enhanced and practice is done correctly on a regular basis then a child’s manual dexterity, artistic skills and speed will also get increased.

  • Improvement of hand-eye coordination: There is a tremendous improvement in the hand-eye coordination when you have hands on experience in craft from a very young age. And it would be a great help to the children when they would enter into the primary school.


Social Benefits:

  • Learn to appreciate art and culture: Various artefact’s and images of across cultures and times, children learn to value and appreciate them through arts and crafts.

And when a children would have hands on experience in craft, arts and design, then they would enable them to reflect critically others as well as their own work.

And children would be able to learn it intelligently and creatively. And preservation of heritage through arts and crafts would also be learned by them.

The people who lived millions of years ago and their information is still known to us because of art.

  • Enhances self-expression: Through music, arts and crafts, opportunity is gained by the children to express themselves in a meaningful, tangible and positive way, when they get involved in creative pursuits.
  • Helps in socializing: When children have hands on experience in craft, then craft class can become an interactive class for the students as they would interact with each other as they would be sharing a common interest. Parent-child bonding is also strengthen by the process of arts and crafts.
  • Boosts confidence: Arts and craft activities boosts the confidence of children, as they help them instil a sense of pride and achievement within themselves.


Cognitive benefits:

  • Enhances creativity: When a child is given an opportunity to create whatever is their desire then it helps them to foster creativity.
  • Sharpens skills of decision making: When a child faces various artistic challenges, then the child learns to make correct and effective decisions. And this problem solving attitude will help them in future in various aspects.
  • Enhances memory and visual learning: A child gains familiarity with various figures and patterns and learns about new colours and shapes through arts and crafts.


Art and craft would not only help children in improving above traits but would also help them in improve their academic performances.

When they would have hands on experience in craft, they would be able to enhance their learning and their skills. And these craft activities are filled with lots of joy for the children.

Junior Pencil and Chai offers your child to develop all the skills which are intact within them and furnish them well as their talent should shine bright! Various craft courses are offered so children get hands on experience in craft. Enrol your kid now!

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