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Benefits of regular art classes​

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”. It is important to encourage the kid to cultivate art as a hobby and to choose effective drawing classes for kids that provides them with the right support.

The kids have the potential of making others see the world when they draw. In school, the basic sketch or a drawing of a house drawn by a kid has more to meet the eye. They have the unique ability to captivate one’s attention with their imperfectly perfect drawing.

Children need role models, not critics. It is the duty of the parents or the teachers to uplift them by talking positively to them. This might include, recognizing them when they do some good work, teaching the value of time, being patient with them when they are mischievous and also nourishing the talent in them. Critiquing their artworks or anything that they do causes anxiety and might even lead to depression in the future.

The vivid sense of imagination skills

A child imagines a beautiful world of its own and puts that onto the paper in an innovative way. These children need the push in the right direction for them to become talented artists in the future. They become more perceptive and skilled with the help of regular art and drawing classes for kids.

By painting within the lines the concentration power of the kids’ increases and they tend to become more attentive and focused. It then becomes easier to make them listen to you. Art also builds confidence, improves problem-solving skills and also enhances creativity. We should nurture the kids with these qualities from a young age so that they grow up to become thoughtful and sensitive individuals.

So where can you find these drawing classes for kids that are compelling enough to keep them occupied? Well, let me put your mind at ease.

Developing the painting & drawing skills

Pencil and Chai Fine arts Gurukul has been providing art education for kids and adults for 9 years now. Pencil and Chai Junior is a child company of this art institution that provides regular art classes for kids of the 5-14 age group and encourages artistic qualities in these kids.

Our art school for kids follows traditional teaching techniques, where-in our exceptional teachers make the kids acquire superior skills by giving individual attention to them. We maintain authenticity and originality in our art teaching. In our regular art classes for kids, our trainers follow different methods such as story-telling, where-in the story surrounding artwork is made clear to these kids so that they can develop and build their artworks on it. They are provided with realistic and qualitative content so that they can explore and create some artwork of their own.

Kids are inspired to create the artworks from scratch and have fun while at it. We help stimulate the creative skills in these kids by conducting craft classes every month. There is one craft session per month where the kids enthusiastically cut out papers, paint and color them and even take them home.


Now, I know it’s summer and the favorite time for these kids. This is the time when they let loose and get on the streets. For those parents who want structured summer painting and craft classes for their child, we have summer painting and drawing classes for kids coming up. You get the option to choose between 6 days, 4 days or 2 days of classes per week.


We also motivate the kids to be productive and promote happiness. Finally, with our eco-friendly classrooms, you can say that we love nature and inspire the aesthetic beauty of it amongst the kids.

You can get more information about us here.

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