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Completion in Art, Do you think it's right to strangle yours kids with the concept of competition? For sure the answer is a NO!

Competition in art can negatively affect your child !

A flower does not think of competition with the flower next to it, it just blossoms. Children are definitely like those flowers which require continuous nurturing, care and love. Every child is a beautiful creation of creator waiting to shine with his or her unique abilities. Do you think it’s right to strangle yours kids with the concept of competition? For sure the answer is a NO!

Art is such a domain in which competition can kill your child’s creativity. As a subject art does not resemble other conventional subjects like math or science which are highly based on logic. Creativity is the foundation on which arts blooms.

It is extremely important than you as parents do not cage your kids’ creativity by pushing them into the race to become the best as this will only hamper their mental and emotional wellbeing. In the following blog I will be emphasising on 4 ways which will aid parents to appreciate the uniqueness of their children without comparing them with others.

1) We are programmed to believe in competition!

From early years itself kids’ mind are shaped in such a manner that they start believing that competition is a non-escapable and important part for their lives. This premature thought later gets solidified in their minds. Parents must understand that we as humans are obsessed with being the best and we tend to pass the same desire to our kids. But parents are not aware that this extreme competition is harmful for their children and not beneficial.

The high expectation may make the kid feel suffocated. This disturbs the fragile mental balance of your kids which can have several psychological effects in long run. He or she can start feeling worthless which will be showcased in their behavioural patterns such as

  • changed apatite – eating too much or too less
  • insomnia
  • aggressive and impulsive behaviour,
  • isolation
  • Decreased level of concentration

When you notice these signs, please have an open-heart talk with your child while giving him or her the space to vent out.

Art is one such field where contest will fetch your child nothing other than stress and panic. Let your child drive into the oceans of colours without being restricted. A child’s creativity can awe you beyond words but only if they are set free. You as a parent can’t dictate each stroke, pattern, figure and shade they put on paper so it is better to let them enjoy their own creations.


2) Each child is unique

Have you ever compared your kid to the topper of the class or a relative’s kids? If yes, then you are like most of the parents. In the race to make your kids successful elders forget that not all things that bring you success should also bring you happiness. Each child throughout his or her lifespan develops certain specific interests and talents which rare.

For example, Walt Disney the creator world’s 1st animated film was called as person who lacked creativity and imagination. But he never gave up hope even at the hardest times of his journey. Todays is has left his mark on the world as the epitome of imagination. It took Walt Disney several years to achieve his goals but if he ever thought of his contemporaries as competition and hurried then his story could have a different end.

Certain processes take time and you as parent must embrace the time your child is investing in the activities that please their hearts. Art also is not a skill that can be mastered overnight but it is about patience and perseverance and of course creativity. Your child may take more time than other kids to complete an artwork or they can like sketching more than acrylic painting and that’s completely acceptable. You cannot channelize their interest but only support them to make sure their dreams come true.


3) Art should be bliss and not Burden

Have you parents looked at the calm and delightful eyes of your kids when they draw or paint? The site is surreal to the soul. Unlike the rigid school curriculum, art provides the kids extreme flexibility to follow their hearts. They can use any shades any stationary and  any object to paint, it’s their will and wish .

Such a fluid activity as no place for competition as art recognises the importance of joy and ignores the concept of being  better than the rest. Every time a kid decides to sketch then he or she must feel blissful and not burden to be perfect to impress their parents. Elders on the other hand must encourage their kids to do want pleases them and not what amuses the elders.

Parents should understand that once art or any other subject becomes a burden to you kid then it will choke the child’s performance in other areas as well. It will cause a fall in your child’s self-esteem, and it may instigate hostile behaviour in them. These signs are of causation. 

4) Why at Junior Pencil And Chai we do not encourage competition in art-

We at junior Pencil and Chai totally believe in working as a team to excel. We believe that embracing and appreciating each student’s work for its own unique traits. We help kids build trust and communication among team members which will aid them to look at others as friends and not enemies. Establishing an amicable relationship with kids to understand their interest is what we encourage as this assists us to provide specific child-oriented guidance to each one of them.

I would like to conclude this blog by saying that each parent is gifted with the world’s most precious child , it just takes a little effort from your side to identify and nurture your child’s talents. Parents must whole heartedly believe in their children and try to infuse humanity in them and not fierce contest . The world is a beautiful place which is made more beautiful by the presence of compassionate humans, so parents learn to teach your child to appreciate each individual with love and not push them away as foes.

To kick start your child’s creative art journey these courses may help you .

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