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Happiness is not a choice, it is the way to be

Some of us are highly strung in any situation. Whereas, some of us just do not care. The latter remains calm under any circumstance. In fact, I could jot down hundreds of reasons the whole day. Yet, we must believe that one of the reasons rests solely on happiness. Happiness is addictive, not diehard techniques. In fact, radical techniques may have opposite reactions. Our junior art classes in Bangalore firmly believes in the law of happiness.

The paranoia between the choices

As kids, our first priority is to remain happy. Be it enjoying nature, eating candies or just drawing, our primary goal is to find satisfaction everywhere. And, why not? Needless to say, happiness is the key to success.

Thus, our art classes indulge in techniques that kids enjoy and make use of. Imposing strict rules and regulations would only repel our bond. Besides, kids need to be the way they are and who are we to change them. In fact, we can only make them better.

How We Achive It Together

Are all rules meant to be broken? Let’s see for ourselves.


We believe in more haste, less speed. Our first rule includes discouraging competition. We often come across parents who send their little ones to win an art competition. Our question is, how will that make them into a better artist? Winning competitions by force-feeding technicalities is not what we do. In fact, it does not help a student progress in real time.

Our junior art classes in Bangalore work as a team. Every kid is special and we ought to teach them the right way. Competition promotes negative effect on each other. As a matter of fact, we should be our own competition.



The journey of a thousand miles begins from the first step. Our art school believes in step by step approach. In fact, we strictly follow our principles of breaking the monotony in class. 

Children are impatient with an affinity to boredom. Our little ones follow a steady pace to bring out the best in them. Some of the steps include art warm-ups followed by pencil sketching, creative painting and so on. Besides, we keep switching steps to break the monotony. 


We conduct one craft session per month. Craft classes help kids be more creative and inventive. Also, we totally support the fact that craft gives them a first-hand learning experience. Besides, the classes are fun and utterly productive.


Be it maths or science, learning the foundation is extremely important. Our junior art classes in Bangalore prefer hands-on learning over print-outs. Besides, we are the only art school to use a hands-on method in Bangalore. 

We do not want our kids to become passive learners. In fact, pre-defined lines and drawings restrict kids to explore their imaginative skills. Thus this is a rule you might not want to break.


Who doesn’t love listening to stories? In fact, our kids deserve to know in and out of their subject. Also, we have found a way to make their classes more interesting. We either project videos or narrate stories behind a subject. In fact, this inspires them to unwrap their best of imagination. Besides, we conduct special storytelling classes on occasionslike independence day etc.


Junior Pencil and Chai, Bangalore follows the techniques of happiness.

Every kid deserves to experience a whole new level of art education. Do not hold back. Unbar happiness at our junior art classes in Bangalore.

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